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Three reasons to discard the old things

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Do you find it difficult to part with old things that outlived but seem you priceless?

Read the following three reasons why you should definitely let them out of your life.

  1. There is a law of abundance: to have a new, you should get rid of the old in your life. Otherwise, the universe does not see the place for the new, where to “send” it for you. According to feng shui conception old things do not allow a free flow of life-giving energy of Qi, and therefore there can be no question of any changes in your life or new things.
  2. When you put on an old thing or squirting perfume, which for a long time was not used, you just go back in time. This is a so-called emotional “anchor”: old things are associated with some memories, and they are automatically played back in contact with “the anchor”. But the fact is that old thoughts appear after them, and this is very dangerous, because they shape our lives, and as a result we get not what we want.
  3. When you hold on to the old things with the thought: “What if I don’t have money to buy a new, and I’ll never get this again?”, you resonate with the mentality of the poor and the poor are getting. If you throw out unnecessary things quietly with the thoughts: “I’ll buy more, or the universe will give me better”, you resonate with the mentality of the rich and get the wealth.
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